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For businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition and recognize the need for a top-down commitment to a culture of innovation, I help them build a proprietary innovation process that saves time and money by promoting and developing great ideas from within.

Unlike other innovation consultants and creative coaches who want you to feel dependant upon their seminars and coaching sessions, I work with you and your business to build a self-sustaining innovation process tailored to your business. Together we’ll create a custom program to empower your employees, tap into their vast knowledge of your business and industry, and bring those ideas to life in a way that can help you and your business.


a culture of innovation is critical to your success

I know you are the kind of leader that wants your company to stay ahead of the competition and develop innovative solutions for your customers. To reach that goal, you need a culture of innovation that empowers your employees, managers, and c-suite to identify opportunities, generate creative solutions, and bring them to life with your support.

The problem is you’ve spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on innovation consultants, creative coaches, seminars, and training with nothing to show for it. You feel like you’ve wasted time, effort, and money more wisely invested elsewhere. I believe it doesn’t have to be this way. You shouldn’t sacrifice the valuable resources of your company with nothing to show for it.

I’m not a “sage on a stage” here to solve your problems with my magic system. I work with your company’s leaders and managers to understand your unique challenges, innovation goals, and corporate culture to create a simple, self-perpetuating system to empower your employees to generate and implement new ideas. If your company is committed to implementing a top-down culture of innovation, we need to talk.

how it works

Step 1 to build a culture of innovation - Identify your innovation goals by mapping out your innovation goals

Step 1

Identify your innovation goals 

Step 2 to build a culture of innovation - evaluate your company culture

Step 2

Evaluate your company culture

Step 3 to build a culture of innovation - build a custom process to spur creative thinking and business innovation

Step 3

Build a custom innovation process

Step 4 - to build a culture of innovation - implement the process that includes convergent and divergent thinking

Step 4

Implement the process

Step 5 to build a culture of innovation - train the trainers and build a company culture of ideas

Step 5

Train the trainers


In a rapidly changing world, innovation is a key capability to ensure a business’ future, and there are an astonishing number of examples of companies that failed to adapt. In this whitepaper, we’ll outline 9 key reasons your brainstorms are failing to deliver the creativity and innovation you need to survive and thrive.