There is no such thing as the creative class – a select and gifted few who were born with the ability to create. Everyone has this ability in some form. In fact, it is our ability to create and think critically that defines us. However, these abilities are like muscles. When used and tested, they grow strong and efficient. But untested, or even worse stifled, and these thinking muscles begin to wither and atrophy. My mission is to address the hows, whys and how-tos of critical and creative thinking, and address how a fear of failure negatively impacts our creative ability and willingness to innovate.

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About me

I’m a 20 year marketing veteran with a creative background. A builder of brands. A teller of stories. A leader by example. I offer an entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision to recognize business opportunities, deliver profitable growth and build high-performing teams based on respect and trust. I bring a natural curiosity and growth mindset, which allows me to excel in ambiguous situations. My unflappable demeanor and magnetic sense of humor has been a defining management strategy to cultivate a culture of openness and innovation, instill pride and motivate team members to exceed their own expectations.

- skills include -

Brand Management
Creative Services
Product Marketing

Digital Marketing
Creative Thinking
Content Marketing
Video Production
Data Visualization

Agency Management
Consumer Behavior
Creative Direction
Design Thinking