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Sapporo Karaoke
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The Client: Sapporo Beer

The Opportunity: Sapporo is the #1 Asian beer in the U.S. and is consumed almost exclusively during sushi dining occasions. Sapporo wanted to increase market share and be thought of as more than just a sushi beer.

The Insight: Japan has a rich history and many great traditions. Unfortunately, many Americans haven’t had the best introduction to those tradition, so we tend to have a skewed view of Japan.

The Solution: Humorously recreate some of the awkward experiences consumers may have had with a Japanese tradition and use that experience to position Sapporo as a Japanese tradition doesn’t need to be translated for American consumption.

The Client: Bacardi Flavored Rums

The Opportunity: Shot drinks are typically a more masculine drink choice. Bacardi wanted to broaden the appeal of shots and make it more acceptable for both men and women.

The Insight: By putting an orange slice on a drink (be it a shot or a beer), it instantly became more feminine.

The Solution: Replicate various social situations that men and women would find themselves in using male (no fruit) and female (fruit) shot drinks.

The Client: Bacardi Rum

The Problem: Bacardi is losing market share among males 21-25 to Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.

The Insight: To male consumers 21-25, brotherhood and adventure are two key factors in their everyday life.

The Solution: Create a launch video that accentuates the spirit of brotherhood and adventure that is the driving force behind Bacardi OakHeart Spiced Rum.

The Client: Sapporo

The Opportunity: Sapporo wanted to bring celebrate their heritage as the original Japanese beet.

The Insight: Seibei Nakagawa, the first brewer of Sapporo, traveled the world to perfect his craft. Now his beer travels across the globe.

The Solution: Create a TV spot brings this journey to life within the liquid of the beer by showing the journey from Japan to the United States recreated in bubbles.

The Client: Vista Window Film

The Opportunity: Generate excitement within the dealer network and awareness within consumer segments with a dealer tagged TV spot.

The Insight: Vista Window Film can fix a lot of household issues you’d normally have to call someone else to fix.

The Solution: Create a TV spot that humorously shows all the solutions a homeowner tried when they could have made just one call to apply window film to their home.

The Client:  Spectracide

The Opportunity: Spectracide insecticides and herbicides offer equal or better performance than their competitors for less money.

The Insight: Educating consumers about product performance and price would making choosing Spectracide products a no brainer.

The Solution: Educate consumers with a fun and engaging promotion.



The Client: FormulaOne Auto Tint

The Opportunity: The automotive window tint market is often perceived as a parity market. While category awareness is high with consumers, brand awareness is poor.

The Insight: Even though window film is only .08 inches thick, it makes all the difference. Sometimes it’s the only thing separating hot from cool or pleasant from painful.

The Solution: Create a visually striking print campaign that positions FormulaOne as the only thing separating the desired outcome from the undesirable outcome. 

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