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Thinking In Action

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Upcoming Events

SES Experience 2020

“Your Content Brainstorm Is Broken”

October 26, 2020

Speaking Engagements –

To come.

Thinking Workshops –

Want to build your own innovation process, but don’t know where to start? A Thinking Workshop will guide you through the process. The result is a teachable and learnable innovation process that is custom tailored to the your specific business challenges.

½,  Full and Multi Day Seminars –

These short-form seminars provide a workshop environment where employees are exposed to a select number of applicable creative and critical thinking skills. These custom-built sessions provide a practical set of skills tailored to the specific innovation challenges faced within the organization, and attendees will put those skills into practice in large and small group exercises.

War Gaming –

To come.

Past Session Participants

Learn more about facilitation, brainstorming, and war gaming.

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